11 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

Working from home can bring a unique and unexpected set of challenges. From the struggles to find personal space to the constant snack drawer access, it is understandable that working from home may feel touch and go at times. Here are my top tips for staying healthy and on track while working from home:


    1.  Try to get up every hour.

      Walk around your house, do a few simple stretches, or take your next call standing up. This will help get your blood flowing again and prevent lower back tightness from sitting all day.

    2.  Create a weekday schedule and stick to it.

      When you work from home, it’s easy to allow work to take over every hour of the day. Try to establish a routine that helps to separate work from downtime (ie I will wake up at 7, eat breakfast at 8, be on work time from 8-6 pm and at 630pm I am off and focused on family and fun). On the weekends, enjoy a little less structure to help your break feel rejuvenating and relaxing.

    3.  Download the Peloton App for 90 days of free workouts!

      This has been my saving grace. They have incredible instructors and hundreds of classes including boot camp, body weight, HITT, yoga, and even outdoor run/walk instruction! Exhale also offers the first 30 days free, and man are those classes tough!

    4.  Make your workout a priority.

      Schedule it into your day just like any other meeting. It’s essential to stick to your workout routine during this time of social isolation. Not only does it help combat inactivity, but it also boosts healthy endorphins and relieves stress (which hello, is 24/7 if you turn on the news).

    5.  Keep the fridge and pantry stocked with healthy foods

      you can grab for a quick meal or snack. Check out my Grocery Essentials Guide for inspiration, as well as my Newbury St Nutrition Store!
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    6.  If you’re in a snacking mood, allow yourself to have what you are craving and then step away from the kitchen.

      If working in or near the kitchen is distracting, create a workspace separate from the snacks.

    7.  Create a comfortable and calm workspace.

      Make sure your chair and desk are comfortable and ergonomic. Play soft music, light a candle and have your favorite tea on hand. These little comforts can go a long way during times of stress.

    8.  Try to have your meals around the same time every day.

      Establishing 3 healthy meals about 3-4 hours apart will help you stay on track and prevent constant grazing throughout the day. An example routine could be: 8 am breakfast, 10:30 am light snack, 1 pm lunch, 3:30 pm light snack, and 6 pm dinner.
      Picture of a plate with food on it.

    9.  Stay hydrated!

      I am notorious for forgetting to drink water when I am focused on a project. Always keep a cup or bottle filled with water near you to sip throughout the day. This will also help fight the urge to snack: sometimes that snacking urge is actually just thirst!

    10.  Schedule adequate breaks

      to call a friend, reconnect with a family member, take a walk, listen to a podcast, organize, or whatever helps you de-stress.

    11.  When you eat, try to solely focus on your meal.

      Working and eating can lead to mindless munching and a not-so-satisfying meal experience. Did you know it takes 15 minutes from your first bite to the time that your body can feel it? Put away the computer during lunch and chew mindfully, enjoying the flavors and textures of your food. If it helps, throw on some music via Spotify or grab a book.

Picture of Skylar Griggs at a kitchen counter

I hope these tips help you and your loved ones navigate this wild time of stress and transition. For more healthy updates, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter via https://www.newburystreetnutrition.com/. And stay tuned for an exciting new video subscription service which will give you access to the latest nutrition tips and hacks to improve your health!

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Co-created with Molly Pelletier, a Yoga Instructor and Nutrition Student. 

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