5 Healthy Travel Hacks from a Nutritionist

Whether you’re traveling for work or just taking a vacation, staying healthy while on-the-go can definitely bring its challenges. While we absolutely deserve to treat ourselves on occasion, incorporating some balance while on the road can be a great way to help your body (and mind) feel it’s best.
I’ve compiled a few of my travel tips and tricks to help you stay healthy on your next journey. Try some of these hacks the next time you travel and be sure to tag @newburystreetnutrition!

  1. Pack Snacks.

  2. Packing high-quality snacks is a great way to keep yourself on track. We recommend stocking your bag with non-perishable,Picture of pecans high-fiber, and high-protein snacks (that are also TSA-approved). Some of our favorites are NuGo Slim Bars, Biena Roasted Chickpeas, Chomp Jerky Sticks, and Emerald Cocoa Roasted Almonds. By listening to your body and having a nourishing snack every few hours, you can avoid overeating when it’s time to sit down to a meal . Pro Tip: Buy snacks that come in pre portioned packs, (or you can divide big bags into single servings) so you don’t eat your whole stash before the trip is over.

  3. Stay hydrated.

    Picture of a glass of waterBetween flights and irregular meal patterns, traveling can be super dehydrating. Drinking an adequate amount of water will help you to stay energized and prevent constipation. If you decide to consume alcohol while on vacation, hydration is even more important. When I travel, I always pack my reusable water bottle to keep in my purse and I make sure to drink multiple glasses of water at meals. Alternating water or sparkling water with each alcoholic beverage is a great way to prevent dehydration (and a hangover). Thirst can often be confused with hunger, so staying hydrated can also help prevent unnecessary snacking.

  4. Prioritize movement.

    Picture of a water bottle and weightsStaying consistent with your movement routine can sometimes be  on vacation, however it can enhance your travel experience!. There are so many fun ways to get in some daily movement: hiking in nature, walking around a new area, attending a local workout class, or even doing some yoga outdoors. If you are traveling for work, increase your daily movement by skipping the elevator and opting for stairs instead. If restaurants and stores are within walking distance, do that instead of taking an Uber or taxi.  I also like to pack a travel exercise mat, running shoes, and some resistance bands to use in my hotel room. Doing this makes me more likely to exercise because everything I need is readily available.

  5. Don’t skip breakfast.

    If you skip breakfast, you are depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to get up and go.Picture of a breakfast table spread with food Starting your day with a nutritious meal that is packed with fiber and protein will leave you feeling energized and satiated throughout the day, ready to take on any activity and travel! I always find that if my morning starts on a good, healthy note, that the rest of my day tends to follow, even when on vacation. If you’re at a continental breakfast, look for protein such as eggs or greek yogurt. Pair with a fiber source such as All Bran cereal, Raw Rev Glo bars, or some fruit.

  6. Eat veggies with every meal.

    Picture of roasted carrotsAt lunch and dinner, try to make veggies half of your meal. This way you can enjoy the local indulgences while still getting plenty of fiber and nutrients in. Filling up on veggies can help with weight loss and weight management. I also like to scope out the restaurants we are planning to go to in advance to find nutritious options that I will want to eat. Don’t be afraid to ask for a side salad or a veggie side if it’s not on the menu!

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