Finding Freedom in a Weight Loss Journey

By: Jacqueline Gilpin


Imagine this:

You are on a weight loss journey to better your health and have finally begun to see progress! You have been cooking healthy and balanced meals at home, sleeping well each night, exercising each day, and are really feeling the best you have felt in a while.

In the midst of your self-reflection, an old friend sends you a text that she is in town and would love to see you for dinner and drinks that night. Initially, you are excited and would love to see her, but guilt and worry quickly swoop in. You begin to think to yourself:

“If I go out to dinner and drinks, I will not be able to go to the gym and will fall off of my diet. I really do not want to take a step backward, but I also really want to see my friend!”

Instead of being excited to see your good friend, you are now anxious and preoccupied. 

The feeling of rigidity and isolation during a weight loss journey is not an uncommon feeling. Diet culture can feel very limiting in all aspects of life: food, exercise, and even social occasions. However, in reality, striving for health is a holistic effort, and if you feel too restricted in your life, the changes you are working to make will last.

At Newbury Street Nutrition, we like to think that weight loss is achieved through altering your lifestyle to make sustainable changes to support longevity, health, and happiness! Our team believes in four key components for integrating weight loss and healthy living into your life, rather than letting it control you!

The 80:20 Approach

The 80:20 approach to dieting supports a balanced life that can be enjoyed for years to come! The term “80:20” means prioritizing  your physical and nutritional health 80% of the time, but allowing yourself to be indulgent as well! Creating a healthy lifestyle is certainly not effortless; exercising, eating nutritiously, getting enough rest, staying hydrated, etc, all takes work and discipline to be successful. However, if a diet is so restrictive and burdensome that you are denying yourself the joys of life, you are not only creating an unhealthy relationship between yourself and “health,” you are neglecting your mental health. It is perfectly ok to eat nutritiously and exercise AND to go out with friends, travel, try new cuisines, and enjoy an occasional treat! Creating a balanced life will make you happier and healthier for the long run.

Choosing Exercise that is Liberating and Enjoyable, Not a Chore

Exercise is a highly saturated topic and the endless options can be overwhelming. However, there is no “holy grail” of a workout. Instead, the best exercise is what feels like the best celebration of your body in its ability to grow through movement! The American Heart Association recommends that adults “Get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.. [and/or] …75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity…[and] moderate- to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity…on at least 2 days per week.” Choosing a movement that feels good in your body will inspire you to continue this practice, and will benefit not only your body but your mental wellbeing!

Eating foods that fuel your body AND your soul

Eating nutritiously does not mean sacrificing flavor! Whole fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and seafood, healthy fats, and whole grains are the building blocks to delicious meals and snacks. With so many options and combinations to choose from, eating meals that you genuinely do not enjoy is completely unnecessary. There is no one food or meal with the power to make or break your weight loss journey. Rather, a healthy lifestyle is created holistically: with the foods you eat throughout the week, the exercise you enjoy, the people you surround yourself with, and your overall mental wellbeing. So explore with food! Swap out kale or arugula, brussel sprouts for grilled asparagus, yogurt for chia seed pudding, and the list goes on and on. For some inspiration, check out our instagram or contact Skylar to learn about our meal plans!

Creating a Support Network

“Rome was not built in a day,” and especially, Rome was not built alone. This phrase not only applies to the ancient empire, but also your health! Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and changing your habits is no easy feat, and creating a support system of those who you trust is essential. One of my favorite ways to hold myself accountable is to plan to exercise with a buddy. Choose to include friends who will inspire and motivate you to make necessary lifestyle changes, keep you accountable, and celebrate your victories!

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