Healthy Hacks from a Registered Dietitian

No matter how you slice it, the summer is a busy time for everyone. It’s totally expected that our healthy habits and routines may start to slip. The key to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle is to implement easy and enjoyable habits. In this article, I’ll be outlining my top 5 healthy hacks that help me (and many of my clients) stay on track, even during the busy summer months.


  • Incorporate “Exercise Snacks”

Don’t have time for a 30-minute workout? Not to worry. Even getting the body moving for 5-10 minutes can make a huge difference. Exercise can boost your metabolism while also stimulating the release of feel-good endorphins! Short bursts of exercise, or “exercise snacks,” can be useful for not only those short on time but also those who may be less motivated to workout. Starting out with a 5-minute power walk or 10-minute youtube video can get the blood pumping and may lead to a longer workout. Setting a goal for 10 minutes of movement every day is an excellent way to create a long-term habit.


  • Make Hydration a Priority 

I completely understand: It can be challenging to stay on top of hydration with a jam-packed schedule. Carrying around a reusable water bottle with a straw cap can be helpful in reminding you to drink water throughout the day. I also love to keep a case of flavored seltzer or still water by my desk or bed as a reminder. If plain water isn’t your jam, there are many delicious ways to infuse water with flavor. Add frozen berries, fresh orange slices, diced mint, or even chia seeds for a delicious aqua-fresca!


  • Keep your Pantry Stocked

The key to healthy eating is having nutritious food readily accessible. Keeping the fridge stocked with veggies, fruits, and protein options is an amazing way to set yourself up for meal-time success. Note: healthy eating does not have to be complicated! For snacks, I stock up on ready-to-eat veggies like baby carrots, snap peas, and mini cucumbers. For quick meals, I always have frozen veggies, chicken burgers, or veggie burgers in my freezer. A piece of Eatsane Rustic Toast with avocado and a turkey burger is a balanced and delicious, 3-ingredient meal.


  • Bring Your Own Veggie-Filled Dish

If you’re heading out to a BBQ or gathering, always bring a healthy dish or plate that everyone can enjoy. This will help you stack on track and avoid munching on foods you don’t truly want to be eating. It’s more than okay to indulge in your favorites, but ensuring that your plate also has a fruit or a veggie is always a great idea. A few of my go-to party dishes include a large green salad with fresh berries, veggie-skewers, or a 3-bean salad. Try toasting up some seasoned Eatsane Sourdough for some low-carb, garlic croutons!


  • Build Accountability with a Buddy 

Whether you are scheduling a weekly workout or trying out a new salad recipe, including your family and friends in your healthy lifestyle promotes success. Knowing that your friend or partner is counting on you can be that necessary push on less-motivated days. If running isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are so many ways to get active with friends: walking, hiking, swimming, yoga, or even trying out a new local fitness studio. Plus, it’s great quality time and makes the workout/activity much more enjoyable.


Whether you are looking to make changes or sustain your current lifestyle, I hope these tips were a helpful reminder to create enjoyable healthy habits. Remember, your body and your health are worth celebrating! Choosing food and physical activity that we truly enjoy is essential for our long-term health and happiness.

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