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‘Tis the season for my favorite pastimes – eating, partying and of course, shopping! I love to buy family and friends my newest gadget obsessions from electronic picks to the best items for the kitchen; I spent most of Cyber Monday clicking away! I wanted to share with you my top kitchen picks this season from Boston-based company, Wayfair. As a new homeowner I have spent many a recent days along the scroll bar on Wayfair’s website. This Holiday season, I wanted to share with you my top picks for a healthy and (convenient) 2020.

Glasslock 9 container Food Storage Set

We received these glass food storage containers for our wedding, and I am obsessed! I never worry about heating lunch up at the hospital in the microwave because the glass is microwave safe. The set includes various sizes so you can store leftovers, fresh produce or even a side of salad dressing. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe, which is a major plus when I’m exhausted at the end of the day. The lids hold on tight too, so my soup doesn’t end up in the bottom of my lunch sack (been there, done that).

Ninja Single Serve Blender

My husband and I purchased a Ninja a few years ago when we decided we wanted to integrate more smoothies into breakfast. This blade can cut through pretty much anything. Plus its size is reasonable and the blender cup can be thrown easily into any bag, and later on into the dishwasher. Most mornings, I usually grab all the extra veggies that are in the freezer when making smoothies and mix it in with a banana and other frozen fruit (plus some Greek yogurt, and avocado). De-lish!

Breville Mini Smart Oven

At my bridal shower last year my mom’s best friend gave us this toaster oven; my mom turned to me and said, “believe me honey, you will use it for everything.” As much as I hate to admit it, my mom is often right, and boy, was she as right as ever. We use this smart oven for literally EVERYTHING. I toast my high fiber bread, I bake cookies (yes, I still eat cookies!) and I heat up meal-prepped dinners. For those with tight spaces, aka a tiny one bedroom in the Back Bay or Beacon Hill (speaking from experience of course) this tool is especially for you.

Wayfair Basic 3-piece Juicer set

There is truly nothing better than fresh squeezed fruit juices. I love add flavor to my waters, fruit salads and even lemon juice over avocado toast (trust me, it’s unreal). These dependable squeezers are a perfect stocking stuffer, Hanukah or Kwanza gift this season. For even the most basic cooking skills, these tools are a super pick.

Le Crueset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

While this is a big purchase, it’s a special kitchen item that you will use very often. My husband cooks eggs almost every morning, and he often tells me it heats up quickly, and you can use it without oil. The enamel on the pan also means that the clean up is quick and easy. The pan’s handle is easy to use, and it has spouts on either side, which easily release excess oils and water. If 2020 means adulating hard, and you want to dip your toe in the Le Crueset pool, this item is a nice starter piece.

Berry Fruit Bowl

I recently purchased these berry fruit bowls. Most mornings I found myself wasting a paper towel to place under the colander while drying berries or mini peppers for my lunch tote. Once I discovered these little gems, it simplified my life. Most mornings before work, I give my produce a spritz of fruit and veggie wash and a spray of water in these containers. I then place the washed item into the bowls and into the fridge. No more soggy raspberries!

Dash Rapid 6 Egg Cooker

One of the most common questions I get asked is “what’s the deal with eggs, are they healthy?” In the simplest terms – yes; in a little more detail, if you have a family history of high cholesterol, or have high cholesterol yourself, you might want to talk to your medical provider before going wild on your 6 perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs. Eggs are an “egg-cellent” source of protein (see what I did there), and hard-boiled eggs are an ideal breakfast option for those on the go. Pair with a piece of fruit, maybe some nut butter and bon appetite and out the door!

Cuisinart 7-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

As if the reviews on this product do not speak for themselves, this kitchen utensil set is an ideal gift for cooks of any level. This set includes your basic utensils in a sleek little cup, plus the material of the set means the utensils won’t rust. Plus, this color scheme will fit into almost any kitchen.

Cuisinart Spice & Nut Grinder

We hosted our first Thanksgiving this year, and this product was a lifesaver. The spice and nut grinder by Cuisinart can grind anything from cinnamon to walnuts. I used cinnamon stick in the grinder to perfectly season sweet potato casserole and my signature cocktail! My husband loves to make his own spice rubs for fish or steak, plus the stainless steel pieces can go in the dishwasher!

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my favorite Holiday picks from Wayfair! Remember, the easiest way to eat healthy is to make it fit into your lifestyle. Hopefully some of these items make your 2020 a healthy and convenience one. I hope you and yours have a warm and healthy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

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