Stay Mindful During the Holidays

Co-written by nutrition student Elisha Hanlon.

The holidays are a tough time of year to maintain your healthy habits, but it is possible! By focusing on mindful eating with a little planning, you can stay on track while treating yourself.  Here are some healthy tips to avoid the holiday over-indulgence:

  • Eat Before Your Event – not arriving on an empty stomach can help to reduce the risk of over eating and choosing the wrong options. Before you go to a party, eat a small healthy snack like a handful of nuts, vegetable sticks, or fresh berries and greek yogurt.
  • Bring a Healthy Dish – the hostess will appreciate it as well as your waistline!
  • Watch Snacking and Alcohol Consumption – having something ahead of time will allow you to focus on socializing, rather than eating and drinking your calories.
  • Moderation is Key – this enables you to enjoy a small serving of any options available, even the higher calorie ones!
  • Get up and Move– don’t sit in front of the food after you are done eating, help do the dishes, clear the food from the table or engage in conversation to keep yourself from consuming excess calories.
  • Eat Slow – enjoy and savor each bite!

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