Eating to Rejuvenate your Spring Skin

Blueberries in a bowl

It would be an understatement to say New Englanders have had a long winter. Alas, as spring approaches, we empty our closets to get ready for warmer weather. But, did you know that spring-cleaning does not have to only apply to our closets? Spring is the perfect time to incorporate healthy foods that may help rejuvenate your skin.

Nutrition for Apple Picking Season

Girl picking fruit

With the changing leaves and cooler temperatures come one of New England’s favorite fall activities, Apple picking; the doctor may have been right, an apple a day may at least help keep the doctor away. Did you know that apples are a nutrition powerhouse? For starters, Apples are full of fiber which help you to feel fuller longer and other …

The Skinny on Sugar Substitutes

Sugar alternatives

Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions I receive as a dietitian is regarding sugar substitutes (any sweetener that you use instead of regular table sugar a.k.a sucrose), their safety and ways they can be used. Today’s post focuses on 4 different sugar substitutes and how sweet they are…or aren’t?  Artificial sweeteners: Synthetic sugar substitutes that may be derived from naturally occurring …