Eating to Rejuvenate your Spring Skin

Blueberries in a bowl

It would be an understatement to say New Englanders have had a long winter. Alas, as spring approaches, we empty our closets to get ready for warmer weather. But, did you know that spring-cleaning does not have to only apply to our closets? Spring is the perfect time to incorporate healthy foods that may help rejuvenate your skin.

What You Need to Know About Bitters

Different flavors of bitters in bottles

Bitters have made their mark in the cocktail scene, but could bitters also be good for you? A cocktail renaissance has swept this city, making it nearly impossible to order from a drink list that does not include aromatic cocktail bitters. The cocktail scene has taken a page from the restaurants’ farm-to-table approach, with hundreds of bartenders and cocktail coinsures …

Same Facts, New Label: Examining the New Nutrition Facts Label

Girl looking at nutrition labels on food

  The revision of the nutrition facts label is long overdue and I applaud the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for these changes. Americans have become savvier about nutrition and want to know what they are eating. Changes to the new food label are needed to reflect the reality of the modern American diet. Significant Changes: This new nutrition facts …

Get the JUICE on Juicing

Different colored juices in cups

Juicing has officially joined the ranks of other popular diet trends. Proponents of juicing suggest if can help with anything from weight loss to “cleansing” the body. Before you spend a fortune on a fancy juicing machine, make sure you’re aware of the potential health risks and benefits of juicing. On the positive side, juicing is a good way to …

Health(ier) Mountainside Meals

Healthier mountainside meals

Chicken Fingers. Clam Chowder. French Fries. Not to mention hefty price tags. Ahhh, lunch time has arrived at the ski lodge! This winter weather in New England and beyond means families are out and about on the slopes more than ever. How can you make sure your meals mountainside don’t go downhill? Plan Ahead: Your ability to plan ahead depends …

Substituting Recipes with Healthy Ingredients You and Your Family Will Love

Kid with batter all over his hands

Did you know that making small substitutions can help you and your family stay healthy? Here’s how: using avocados, greek yogurt, spaghetti squash, apple sauce and black beans in place of common options like butter, oil, sugar, flour or cream not only allows you to experiment in the kitchen, but also makes some recipes more nutritious. Check out some of my favorite …

New Year. Healthier You (and your family)!

2014 on a road

It’s that time of year, where many make resolutions related to diet and health, and unfortunately, some impossible to keep. Research has shown that although 45% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution, only 8% succeed. How do we make resolutions for ourselves and our families that are realistic but also those we can stick to? Keep it SIMPLE. While …

Foods to Watch: Matcha Tea

Green matcha tea in a bowl

Matcha, also called Macca, may just follow in the footsteps of other trend setters in the food world much like pomegranate, coconut water, Acai berries and the list goes on. So what do we need to know about this up and comer tea and will it live (or leave) up to the hype? Matcha has been part of Japanese culture …

Unconventional Ways to get Kids to Eat Veggies!

Girl not wanting to eat her Brussels sprouts

“Yuck!” “Ew.” “What is that?” These are typical responses I get from many of my pediatric patients when I ask them to try new vegetables. Generally following their responses I ask, “When was the last time you tried “X” vegetable?” The response is almost always, “I don’t remember.” Getting kids to eats veggies is no easy task, but a vital …

The Skinny on Sugar Substitutes

Sugar alternatives

Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions I receive as a dietitian is regarding sugar substitutes (any sweetener that you use instead of regular table sugar a.k.a sucrose), their safety and ways they can be used. Today’s post focuses on 4 different sugar substitutes and how sweet they are…or aren’t?  Artificial sweeteners: Synthetic sugar substitutes that may be derived from naturally occurring …