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"Skylar Griggs brings an incredibly effective approach to our patients who have wrestled with nutrition-related issues. Her deep clinical knowledge and strong belief in creating an excellent experience for her patients enable her to be incredibly successful in her work. Skylar’s patients tell me that they are well informed and learning practical strategies that enable them to reach their goals. As physicians, we also appreciate her commitment to communicating with us and understanding the broader medical issues that will inform her approach to each patient. We and our patients are fortunate to be partnering with her!"

David Judge, M.D.

"We met Skylar years ago when as a dad I was frustrated that everywhere my kids went they were eating chicken nuggets, pasta, and pizza 90% of the time. We invited all of our friends with similar-aged children to come over for an informal seminar that I named “No more chicken nuggets!” During the seminar, Skylar educated us on how to properly read food labels, food terms, and buzz words as well as food and nutrition methods that got our children excited for new foods. It was a huge success with all of the other parents. Skylar also helped us with everyday activities such as going to Whole Foods to walk the aisles; it was quite a different shopping experience! Since then we have had Skylar back every 6 months or so to not only fine-tune the kid's diets, but we have also had her focus on our own diets and see where various improvements can be made. Skylar has been instrumental in us living a healthier lifestyle not only at home but out in the real world."

Peter & Elizabeth Georgantas

"Working with Skylar was a fabulous experience for me and my family. Having Skylar come into our home and look through what we were typically eating allowed a more personalized experience. Skylar breaks nutrition down into real-life terms and dispels all the quack information out there. I would highly recommend working with Skylar to any of my friends or family."

Sara G.

"Skylar has taught me so much about nutrition and habits to stay healthy. As someone who used to rely on crash diets and quick fixes, with her help, I’ve been able to drastically improve my health and eating habits with small changes over time."

Caroline Regan

"I initially began my nutrition plan with Skylar after my first semester at graduate school. I exercise on a regular basis, but after working during the day and going to class at night I put on extra weight due to the stress and poor dietary habits. I knew I had to make a change. As a nutritionist, she has a wonderful way of personalizing each session and was extremely helpful with snack and meal ideas. She had me keep a journal of my daily food intake and guided me towards proper serving sizes. I thought I knew the basics about nutrition, but Skylar taught me how to really read food labels and how much of my diet should consist of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. I learned to recognize unhealthy habits and eat mindfully. I am heading to my goal weight and have never felt better! I cannot possibly be more pleased with her guidance. I highly recommend her if you have any questions or concerns about nutrition."

Ted Bolton

"Before working with Newbury Street Nutrition I was struggling with high cholesterol, stress, fatigue, and poor sleep, in addition to being overweight and borderline diabetic. Their approach and dietary plan were very customized. Additionally, my customized program was centered around many of the foods that I enjoy. This made it much easier to maintain daily. The dietary plan also was designed around my lifestyle that included, among other things, an intense business travel schedule. This was important to me. With this approach, combined with exercise, the quality of my life has changed for the better. For my 60th birthday in October 2022, I was able to successfully run and complete a half marathon. Without NsN's guidance and advice, I would not have been able to do this. I now have more energy and the last two times that my bloodwork was taken it has been great! My doctor was impressed with the progress as well! I would unequivocally and without hesitation recommend Newbury Street Nutrition to others seeking to improve their dietary health."

W.A.R Jr

"Newbury Nutrition has been an invaluable resource for our patients. Skylar and her team are so knowledgeable and they help members of our practice weed through all of the fads and pseudoscience out there in the nutrition and supplement space. They help people find realistic ways to optimize their nutrition for optimal health and wellness."

Laura Balda, M.D.
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