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The Connection Between Heart and Gut Health

Our bodies work as one unit; each organ system supports the function of another to keep the body working. We spoke to Molly Pelletier, Registered Dietitian at Newbury Street Nutrition, about the connection between gut and heart health and ways to support the body as a whole.

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Finding Freedom in a Weight Loss Journey

The feeling of rigidity and isolation during a weight loss journey is not an uncommon feeling. Diet culture can feel very limiting in all aspects of life: food, exercise, and even social occasions. However, in reality, striving for health is a holistic effort, and if you feel too restricted in your life, the changes you are working to make will last.

How Sleep Aids in Weight Management

The relationship between sleep and body weight is still being studied. However, associations between the two highlight the potential benefits of a good night’s sleep on weight. Learn more about the relationship between sleep and weight, plus my favorite sleep habits!

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5 Exercises You Can Do in a Hotel Room

Maintaining a fitness regime is one of the keys to staying healthy and energetic through the winter. Exercise has a myriad of amazing health benefits for both body and mind. Here are 5 simple exercises to get your body moving wherever you find yourself.

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Maintaining Healthy Habits on Vacation

With summer finally here we’re all looking forward to sunshine, outdoor activities, and of course, vacation. We’re excited to take some time rest and relax, but this doesn’t mean we should forget about making nutritious choices. It’s easy to continue taking care of our bodies while on vacation, you just need to have a little preparation.

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