6 Steps Towards Positive Body Image

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Having a more positive self-image can increase our physical and mental well-being. The more you practice, the better you will feel about who you are as a person and IN your body. Here are 6 ways to get started!

How You Can Boost Your Immune System TODAY! 

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It’s safe to say that since March 2020, having a strong immune system has become a top priority. The immune system is vital to our health and longevity. But what are the real, science-backed ways you can boost your immunity? Find out!

Debunking Diets: 4 Popular Diets Explained

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It seems like everywhere you turn there is a new diet trend being touted to the masses, often without credibility or review by a nutrition professional. This post outlines the basics of four current diet trends to help you navigate your way to better eating.

5 Green Foods for Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day, everyone! One of my favorite ways to celebrate is to fill my day with green. Check out some of my go-to ways to get some of my favorite greens into my everyday diet.

Healthy Recipes

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White Bean Dip (total time 20 minutes) In a food processor combine the following ingredients: 2 cans of low sodium white beans 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic ¼ red onion Some fresh dill 1 medium tomato A few pinches of sea salt and black pepper ¼ cup of pecorino Romano cheese (if desired) 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil …

Herb Garden

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Herb Gardens and Healthy Uses in Cooking Ahh, the accompaniment of basil with fresh tomato and mozzarella. The smell of mint leaves as you sip iced tea. A dash of bright cilantro over homemade guacamole. Herbs not only add the look but also lovely scents and flavors to many summer foods and drinks. Herbs are easy to grow and a …

Keeping Healthy at Summer Cookouts

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Ahhh the sunshine, water and grilling! Summer has arrived in New England and families are outside and preparing everything from burgers, seafood, and chicken to side dishes and desserts. How can families enjoy the summer eating fun without compromising their health? Start by Planning Ahead: Eat a snack before the get-together. You are far less likely to overeat if you are not …

What You Need to Know About Bitters

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Bitters have made their mark in the cocktail scene, but could bitters also be good for you? A cocktail renaissance has swept this city, making it nearly impossible to order from a drink list that does not include aromatic cocktail bitters. The cocktail scene has taken a page from the restaurants’ farm-to-table approach, with hundreds of bartenders and cocktail coinsures …

Same Facts, New Label: Examining the New Nutrition Facts Label

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  The revision of the nutrition facts label is long overdue and I applaud the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for these changes. Americans have become savvier about nutrition and want to know what they are eating. Changes to the new food label are needed to reflect the reality of the modern American diet. Significant Changes: This new nutrition facts …

Get the JUICE on Juicing

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Juicing has officially joined the ranks of other popular diet trends. Proponents of juicing suggest if can help with anything from weight loss to “cleansing” the body. Before you spend a fortune on a fancy juicing machine, make sure you’re aware of the potential health risks and benefits of juicing. On the positive side, juicing is a good way to …